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Instructions to demonstrate regulatory compliance before the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
• Cookies can only be installed on the electronic device from which they are
connects the user once they have been informed and the user accepts their use of
evident form (such as by pressing the ACCEPT COOKIES button). Never
ever before that moment.
• That the user clicks the link to configure the preferences or the Privacy Policy.
Cookies can never assume that the user accepts cookies. You can press

to inform yourself, whether you accept or not. The only valid way to inform is
indicated in the previous section.
• The page must always be navigable whether the user accepts the use of cookies
like he doesn't accept it. The only change is the traceability of the user's navigation;
the rest must be fully functional.
• Access to a cookie configuration panel is mandatory, where the user
You can select which cookies are going to be installed and which are not.
• The information must always be maintained until the user performs any of the
actions to accept or reject cookies.
• There must be a permanent link on the website called Cookies Policy, in the
that detailed information regarding the cookies used can be consulted, and the
which must be redirected at all times if the user presses the word “here”.


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