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We carethrough usatmosphere.

DHARMA. Artisan geometry. We take care of the planet
DHARMA. Artisan geometry. We take care of the planet

We are committed to the natural environment in which we want our children to grow up.

It is everyone's task to take care of our planet more and more.

We believe in the circular economy.

We attend to the human factor of our suppliers and artisans.

We aspire to kilometer zero of supplies.

95% of our materials are 100% ecological and respectful of the environment. We are working on the 5% that raises doubts:

We collaborate with suppliers who develop biodegradable epoxy resins of natural origin: 100% natural, water-based, non-toxic, ecological and hypo-allergenic.

We do not use bone, horn, or other elements of animal origin that raise doubts due to their origin or production process. We select our leathers for their origin and for their chemical and human treatment in their transformation and dyeing process.


In this section we will keep you up to date with our progress in sustainability.

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